Requirements & Guidelines

We do not like to be strict about rules, however, being a responsible party organiser means, for both of our sakes, some simple rules and guidelines have to be followed.

Please note: We require a £50 cash refundable deposit for your booking on delivery of your castle together with the total amount of the hire. The deposit will be given back at the end of the day as long as our requirements are met. Things like: If you have a childs castle and you let adults bounce on it. Also things like a neighbours child takes a fancy to the artwork and adds a moustache to Spiderman… it happens. You can find more terms of hire below.

  1. Please ensure you can fit our castles in your garden with at least 4’ free space all the way around the inflatable for staking and for safety reasons. Dimensions will be discussed over the phone after you have booked and you will be made aware of our requirements.
    If we arrive and the castle does not fit, then there will be a charge for the whole invoice. Please ensure you measure correctly. We do not come out to measure I’m afraid.
  2. We do not inflate outside on dirt, mud, stones, sand or concrete. We only inflate on grass and in halls. Please call to discuss if you are concerned.
  3. All persons should remove footwear prior to use.
  4. No glass items near inflatable.
  5. No food or drinks shall be allowed on equipment.
  6. No persons over the age of fourteen on equipment (unless an adult inflatable is ordered and delivered).
  7. No one allowed to participate whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  8. Bouncing to be supervised by recommended number of adults at all times. Ask on delivery.
  9. Castles are 16’ high so please ensure there are no over hanging trees in gardens as we do not allow time in our schedules to cut back branches.
  10. On delivery, pathways leading to the desired site of erection must be clear of objects.
  11. Side access must be 1m wide. Please call the office if your side accesses is less to discuss alternatives. Your chosen castle may fit a smaller gap!
  12. Once castle is erected it is not to be moved for safety reasons.
  13. Never use ‘silly string’ near equipment as it burns the plastic and causes permanent damage.
  14. NO FACE paints
  15. If castle is muddy on collection, a cleaning charge may apply. Soapy water/baby wipes makes a good cleaner!
  16. If hiring a bouncer for indoors please measure the height of the ceiling before booking.
  17. The hired equipment must be fully supervised at all time by an adult (over 18yrs).
  18. Turn inflatables off in winds of over 24 mph
  19. No hosepipes or water near the inflatables at any time, no matter how hot the temperature is outside. Natural rain is fine and unavoidable. Hosepipes soak the internal structure and we cannot get water out.

NB: We still continue to hire in the rain, however it will be discussed the night before or in the morning with clients. Ultimately the decision remains with us. Rest assured we never want to cancel anyone's castle.