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Published in MyAbbots in March 2016

Bouncing to success with business entrepreneur Mel Johnston.

Mel owns several businesses and she shared the secrets to her success with My News

Owning successful businesses doesn’t just happen, so how did it all begin? Firstly sharing my success with readers is to have one impact only, to inspire. My wishes are to prove that determination, commitment and hard work will achieve more than just an income.

At 10 years old I loved growing plants. I loved selling them even more from my front garden in Abbots Langley. At 18 I was still into my flowers and working for Aylett Nurseries. Pretty average I guess, however at 18 years old I was very independent, I unfortunately had to be. I was a trampoline instructor, working full time at Ayletts and a third job in a bar. For me working hard just seemed normal. With only 3 GCSE’s of C and above I was not destined for Cambridge. On my 21st birthday I found bouncy castles. A new form of fun in the 90’s and so I was hooked. Setting up Abbots Bouncy Castle Hire at 25 yrs old I also set up Abbots Parties, an indoor play centre held at that time at Parmiters School now at Breakspeare School. Still teaching 10 classes and having 2 children in the mix, I then in 2005 decided to buy my supplier, the manufacturer of my inflatables based in Leicester. Then with years of recession to plough through I did just that and at the same time I set up the Craft Tub in 2011. Now in 2016 I am onto my 5th Company called WeBuyAnyInflatable.com which will be launch at the end of the year.

Things are going well, but how do you keep that up? I don’t let people down and I take pride in what I do. I hear people moan that they have no money to achieve their goals. Get motivate, get up and get out the house. Go running, get healthy and that will immediately motivate you. Focus on each day with enthusiasm. Most of all though have fun, smile and make jokes. Be kind, helpful, thoughtful and don’t let others negativity stop you. I also encourage everyone to follow their ambitions, speculate to accumulate, listen to your gut feeling and if it means taking risks, go with it. Live a little.

You must get snowed under with work, how do you juggle it? I am brilliant at multi-tasking. If I walk from one room to the other with a task, I pick at least one thing up on the way ready to deposit on the next task. Women have a great advantage here. We are built for this job; looking after kids while juggling life is what we are good at. It seems taking our kids to work is the norm these days, it does not mean it is easy we just have to get on with it. My positive mental attitude is key. My determination to make things happen and solve problems is actually enjoyable. My advice to anyone going into business is don’t let anyone or anything stop you. Ask loads of questions and be a pain if you have to. When you start to make money re invest it and grow your business. Be passionate about your product. If you love it then the chances are others will too!