About Us

Having spent my 21st birthday being entertained in the mid 1990’s on one of these fantastic fun bags, I got hooked. At 25 years old I bought one castle, then 5, then another 5 and so on. I reinvested over and over. 23 years later I still can’t seem to get off the darn things! Then during the summer of 2006 I bought my supplier out, they were called Bargain Bouncers and I changed the name to JumpJump Global www.jumpjump.co.uk . Still to this day we manufacture Globally, for people like myself- hiring companies, for Gymnastic Clubs, Ski Centres and more. You will find our equipment in the Snow Centre at Hemel Hempstead, Berkhampstead Gymnastics, Sapphire Gym club and many other local venues to include ice rinks, Parkour venues plus hundreds of UK bouncy castle hiring companies around the country.

In 2018 I took a qualification to become an inspector of inflatables. The standard BSEN 14960:2013 is so important for the future of bouncy castle and inflatable play and I’m proud to say I can now implement this safety qualification as part of my everyday job.

From 1999 till recent times I proudly set up and ran an indoor event centre called Abbots Parties, which offered successful private birthday parties for all ages. I decided to close this company after 20 years to make way for the Inflatable Testing.

My hire website is fully priced, however if you cannot find what you need please feel free to call or email me at mel@jumpjump.co.uk
All inflatables in my hire fleet comply with the British Standards

I hope you enjoy the websites and become hooked as much as I did!

Melanie Johnston